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Need access to a cell phone number finder?  Cell Phone Registry the leading reverse cell phone search site that uses a brilliant crisscross database which allows you to search for unknown phone numbers from the convenience of your own home.  With Cell Phone Registry, you can stop suspicious and unknown calls immediately. But they offer more than just cell phone searches, look by name to find relatives, long lost friends, old classmates and loved ones.

(cont.) With a good cell phone number finder you can expect to find information such as name and addresses, cell phone information, other contact phone numbers, dates of birth, dates of insurance. However, with you also have all of the tools that private investigators have as well! Why limit yourself?

 Features:5 stars

  checkGives helpful cell phone owner information.
  checkOffers history of addresses.
  checkGives cell phone carrier details.
  checkFind cell phone location information.
  checkPlease see video below for full features (WAY too many to put here)

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 Usefulness: 5 stars

The strongest point for Cell Phone Registry is the ease of use when it comes to helping you to find a cell phone number. They offer a powerful and complete search database with a user interface that is so simple and quick to use that anybody can use it. This reverse cell phone number finder has very detailed information on cell phone numbers right at your fingertips.  You can have all of the information that you need within a matter of seconds when you use

Customer Support:
4 stars

Cell Phone offers helpful customer support. Actually they have improved even more in this area. This is precisely why they have moved to the number one position in our rankings over Phone Detective, their enhanced customer service has put them over the top!


Our Research on
Cell Phone Registry Suggests:

Cell Phone Registry's
Overall Score: 4.75

4 stars

The best thing about Cell Phone Registry (now Reverse Phone Check as of nov 2014) is that it is blazing FAST and so easy to use while at the same time Cell Phone Registry has a very large modern crisscross database.

They are also very good in the area of customer support. Not quite as good as Reverse Phone Detective.

It is good to note that most opt for the one year plan. They figure that in the long run it will save them more money that way. (One user said: "I always seem to be needing to do these types of cell phone searches, so I may as well get the year plan.)...

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