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Are you desperately working at finding cell number information?  Then help is on the way, Reverse Genie (Now phone registry) is a service that makes finding cell phone numbers quick and easy. This online search site makes easy work of finding cell number data.  A plus is that keeps its information well up to date.  (cont.)

After inputting a few different cell phone numbers, did do quite well on most of the searches and gave quite accurate results, however for a few of the searches, Reverse Genie didn’t have any results and this could be because they have a smaller data base than some of the other phone number search sites. Regardless of a few fruitless searches, this site did return some excellent results with brilliant quality.

 Features:4 stars

  check mark Regularly updated database that makes finding cell number information a snap.
  check mark Excellent customer support, prompt and reliable.
  check mark Offers some of the lowest prices available within this market.
  check mark You can search by addresses as well as by phone numbers.
  check mark You can search by email addresses.


 Usefulness: 2 stars is very simple and quick to use so that almost anybody can find the results that they are looking for without too much bother. They offer a flexible search homepage which is impressive and simple to use and you can rest assured that offers you one of the easiest ways to find a cell phone number.

 Customer Support: 2 stars offers so so customer service.


Our Research on Suggests:
Overall Score: 2.07
4 stars offers So So customer services and has an easy to use interface, as well as its email search feature makes it attractive. Since last year when Reverse Genie became, many upgrades and improvements took place.

NOTE: Due to the fact that there have been many negative customer service issues with this service we have downgraded their rating we are now rerouting your search to Phone Detective. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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