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eVerify Cell Phone Lookup

eVerify has a wide range of databases that you can choose from. Their pricing plan actually allows you to save money due to the fact that once you join you can have unlimited background checks and or cell phone lookups. The five day trial is normally $4.95 but we have made arrangements to lower it to only $1.00!

Another powerful addition with this powerful service at is that each report especially the background check reports also include the “Internet footprint” of each person that you are investigating. What they do on twitter or Facebook may be included as well as information about the companies that the person worked for as well as possible information regarding assets that they own. This is certainly powerful information to have when doing research on a unknown caller.

 Features:5 stars

Besides Doing Reverse Phone Number lookups You Can Do:

  check Research Arrests & convictions
  check Look up Felonies & misdemeanors
  check Find Sex offenders in your area
  check Obtain Mug shots
  check Lookup Criminal driving infractions
  check Research Judgments
  check Look up Court and probation records
  check Find Email addresses
  check Research Address history
  check Lookup Property information
  check Find Phone numbers
  check Research DOB
  check Research Relatives and associates

 Usefulness: 5 stars

Customer retention (the average is one year!) is very high at eVerify. Why is this? This is because users find the service extremely useful. For example: After you do a typical cell phone lookup you now have more information about the person calling you. With this new information you can then run more background checks since the full service allows you to run several different types of unlimited background checks.

With this tool you can really dig down deep and find out who exactly is calling you. You can see if the person is a sex offender, or be able to see a quick mug shot of the person, instantly check out their arrests and convictions, see whether they have misdemeanors or felonies, and even view their driving infractions… Really the list goes on and on.

Customer Support:
5 stars

I have been reviewing cell phone lookup and background check services since 2008, and while some have pretty decent customer service department .. This is hands down the best in customer service that I have seen in all my years of reviewing these types of services! Many others get you to buy their product but then if you need some help it is nearly impossible to even find their contact information let alone a telephone number, eVerify is heads and shoulders above all the rest of them!


Our Research on
Cell Phone Registry Suggests:

Overall Score: 4.75

4 stars

eVerify is now considered to be the best service for reverse cell phone lookups as well as background checks of all types. Their pricing enables you to pay a small monthly fee and not have to pay more. Usually these types of services will get you with a lot of extra fees after you already paid for your initial purchase. eVerify gives you unlimited searches once you start the service.

The user interface is also extremely easy to use, even the sign-up process is easy. And if you have any issues you can simply give them a call which I was VERY impressed about.

There is really nothing to lose since we have brokered a lower entry fee price of only $1.00 (normally $4.95)

Tip: Many are happy to pay the small monthly fee. Why? They realize that each month no doubt the need will arise for for them to do a reverse cell phone lookup and/or some type of background check. So it ends up actually costing less in the long run.

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