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Phone Number Scan
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The GREAT News is That Reverse Phone Detective
Has Better Pricing & More Research Tools
Than Phone Number Scan!

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1 Star

Phone Detective is the longest standing reverse phone lookup tool since all of this began. Many prefer this service over all others. (We have been reviewing these types of services since 2008… just saying) Many have come and gone but Phone Detective still stands tall against the competition!

So if you need to find cell phone number information fast, then Reverse Phone Detective is a very good choice. It has a very extensive database and has been the most trusted cell phone finder services for several years now.

NOTE:  As of July 2013 Reverse Phone Detective vastly improved their database as well as their user interface as well as their resource tools. Tthis is one reason why they remain at the number “1” position.

Additionally, Reverse Phone Detective has updated their search algorithm thus making it more efficient. They have always been very good at updating their database which is known for being one of the most complete and extensive data base available. 

Green Check MarkLarge Database – Always Updateded

Green Check MarkEasy To Use User Interface

Green Check MarkBlazing Fast User Interface

Green Check MarkMost Used Reverse Phone Research Tool Ever!

Really you cannot go wrong with Phone Detective, they have been the most steady tried and tested reverse phone lookup tool ever.

Phone Detective Video Reviews

Updated – Winter 2016/2017


Reverse Phone Check

Reverse Phone Check has made some big upgrades to their easy to use user interface and their already large reverse cell phone database.
(The database is updated regularly) In fact they are close to the level of Reverse Phone Detective but not quite!

This service has become the premier service with regards to helping people perform daily reverse cell phone Lookups! Many other services cannot keep up with the fast moving telecom industry like Reverse Phone Check does.

To Begin with this reverse search tool is blazing FAST! Also, their user interface, customer service, as well as their and database size, clearly keeps them close to the top.

When you use this service you will receive all of the information that you are looking for. Be assured that you will find out who is behind those unknown cell phone calls! And again if you need to do ANY type of background check or other research project than this is also a good tool for you.

Green Check MarkVoted Easiest to Use User interface!

Green Check MarkVoted Fastest interface!

Green Check MarkLarge Database

Reverse Phone Check is definitely a great choice for of all of your reverse phone search needs.


Reverse Phone Check

Updated – Winter 2016/2017



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Reverse Phone Ferret

Reversephoneferret.com is a new reverse cell phone lookup service so we are going to let a little time pass and se what customers say before we do a full review on it. Just to make sure that is is not a fly by night service.

Update: Well it looks like is moving up. While it has the small payment, but also has a payment for one full year of searches which I really like.

And other users like this feature the best, after all how many name phone calls do we get per week where we don’t know who the caller is? enough said!

So Reverse Phone Ferret moves up in the rankings!

Updated – Winter 2016/2017

Phone Number Scan

You can find cell phone number data easily using this service.  They have great pricing and the fact that they constantly update their database is a very big deal.  They also give you  several research tools.  They have an easy to use user interface and great customer support, this makes it easy for us to rate this at 4.80.

Temporarily Out of Service 🙁
Please Use Reverse Phone Check

Phone Registry

www.PhoneRegistry.com offers So So customer service and is easy to use. it is unique in that you can search by way of email addresses. Since the service changed owners the user interface and functionality has gotten worse. Customers are upset so…

NOTE: As of July 2 2013 we had to re-route customers to 
Reverse Phone Detective
Customers come first 🙂



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Cell Phone Numbers

Cell Phone Numbers has a powerful database, but the price is much higher ($69).  If you need to find cell phone number info in other countries like Canada, than this might be a good choice.

NOTE: Due to terrible customer satisfaction issues we can no longer advise you to use CPN for your reverse cell phone lookups… 🙁

Try Reverse Phone Detective instead…. Thank you


At one time or another in our lives, the need will arise to find cell phone number info FAST. If you’re like me, you need that phone number yesterday so to speak.   

Here is an real life example of why finding that cell phone number quickly is so important. 
My close friend decided to run a background check on a new friend that she had met because she was a little bit suspicious about some of his behavior. 

All she had to do was turn on the computer and with a few simple clicks of the mouse she was able to find his phone number and background information.  This new information revealed that this “new friend” was actually a criminal!

Reverse Phone Check Trace

Detailed Video Tour & LIVE
Reverse Cell Phone Finder Lookup
Using Reverse Phone Detective

Reverse Phone Detective Video Tour

Phone Detective instant search


Something to Think About: Time is money, as the saying goes, and all of the time that you spend looking for free cell phone finder services will largely be a waste of time.  You also have to think about the cost of your effort and time as well as for any future cell phone number searches that you might want to do!  Remember this!

Why Do People Need To
Find Cell Phone Number Information?

  • Find new cell phone numbers
  • To track down old cell phone numbers
  • To locate cell phone numbers using a cell phone tracer
  • Find individuals addresses and contact numbers
  • Cell phone number search
  • Discover phone numbers & addresses
  • Search for unlisted numbers and cell phone reports

Search For Long Lost Family And

Old School Friends

  • Name of cell phone owner and address
  • Type of phone, mobile or land line
  • Household family members
  • Phone company carrier numbers
  • Locate neighbors and family
  • Find issuing location
  • Satellite map locations
  • Find other numbers belonging to the same owner
  • Find owner’s previous address history
  • Find cell phone numbers on cold caller’s   (My favorite)
  • Research an unknown number that you found on your phone bill
  • Run background checks
  • Find an old school friend    
  • Look up missed calls on your caller ID that you cannot identify
  • Find an address
  • No limit to reverse phone lookups
  • Unlimited people search (over 217,582,471 U.S. households!)
  • Protection against privacy
  • Search household members
  • Reverse address search
  • Neighbor and family locator
  • Universal searches and web crawl

Watch This VIDEO And You Will See Several Tips on
How to Find Cell Phone Numbers for FREE

(The end of the video has a tour of Phone Scan

which is temporarily unavailable)


Reverse Phone Check Lookup



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